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    Background Check


    A background check is the best way to protect your business and your family, especially if you own a small business.  According to the government, a small business is anyone who employs fewer than 500 people.  If you are one of those businesses, this can mean that your funds are limited as to what human resources you can use to protect yourself.  If you don’t know what this means, you need to consult someone about getting a background check.

    It used to be that any business or homeowner could take someone at their word or even verbal references to hire them for everything from managing a small business to watching their children.  Things have changed now.  The political climate is changing to the point where even people who take regular jobs can now be suspect to criminal activity.  There isn’t a need for alarm or paranoia, just caution.  This is why a background check is important to pursue if you employ someone in your small business or home.

    A background check for someone at a small business is very important.  If you run an office, any employee has access to your computer files.  If an employee corrupts your files, whether they are hard copies or computer files, or if they have a key to your office or a code to log into your computer files, disgruntled employees can wreck havoc and literally shut your company down if you have enough clients that they have access to.

    Performing a background check for a small company who runs an office is extremely important and cheaper than you might think.  For a small fee, you can check out someone’s past on the internet with a reliable company and see if you can let them have access to your accounting, your checkbook, and your human resources.  Personal and private information has to be shared with someone, but make sure it is someone you can trust from their background and not just their word. 

    Even more important are the people you employ in your home.  Babysitters, contractors, landscapers and everyone you allow into your home to do work should have references and a professional background check.  Any one who is has access to your home and knows when you come and go will know when to strike if they want to invade your home.  Every day, the news broadcasts stories about people who take the opportunity of gaining access to a home in order to take advantage of them.  No one can afford this risk, especially when a background check is easy, affordable, and accessible.  When you get reliable information on someone, you can make a decision as to what access they can have to your  property, your person, and your life.

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    About The Author: Rick Kelly has been a well respected magazine and newspaper columnist in the fields of consumer advice, civic matters and business development for the past twenty years.

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